Virginia, My Love

You know that saying, “Virginia is for Lovers”? It’s one of my favorite things. Most bumper stickers offend me or make me roll my eyes, but this one warms my heart every time. I like to think of it as an incomplete sentence that can be completed in so many different ways. Virginia is for lovers… of trees, of snow, of thunderstorms, of rolling hills, of horses, of juicy peaches, of perfect summertime tomatoes, of fireflies… but most importantly, Virginia is for lovers of Virginia.


There is something about this state. It gets under your skin and into your soul. I am a Virginia girl, and as much as I love to travel, Virginia will always be my home. When I’m gone I miss it; I can’t wait to get back and get my fix.

Virginia is temperamental and imperfect, moody and often unpredictable. There are traits of Virginia that even lovers of Virginia don’t love, but there is always a reward.

Winter is long and cold, but then come those intoxicating first days of spring, when, suddenly, everything is green and blooming and overwhelmingly beautiful—like you’re experiencing it all for the first time. The smell of lilacs floating by on a spring breeze gets me every year.

Late July and early August are often too humid, but just to get us through, Virginia gives us the best peaches and tomatoes (and tons of other good things—those are just my two favorites).


And when you’ve had your fill of tomato sandwiches and vanilla ice cream with peaches on top, summer gives way to fall, where Virginia never fails to impress. The leaves turn to gold and auburn, the air gets crisp and the evenings get chilly. The smell of a fire on a cool evening, yep, it gets me every year.


Virginia is a place for people who aren’t afraid to wait for the good stuff. Virginia is reliable. Virginia never lets me down. Virginia is one of my favorite things, and always will be.


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